At Anderson Family Pharmacy, we are pleased to provide a number of specialty services. We offer a retail pharmacy service with patient counseling, drug information, competitive pricing and fast caring service. Also, we accept most insurance plans and file Medicaid and Medicare D plans. In addition, we have a compounding lab with a certified sterile hood. In this setting we compound hormone replacement therapy, pain management medications, transdermal medications and veterinary preparations. The adjoining laboratory allows these unique services to be offered in a timely manner. A patient can observe the preparation of medications prescribed by his/her physician to treat a number of conditions.

We also offer compliance packaging for patients who reside in assisted living facilities or at home. This system provides safety and simplicity to the patient and the caregiver. With this system it is easier to recognize the medications being taken and helps to prevent patients from overdosing or subtherapeuticc dosing. Also, the service provides a medication administration record to help with documentation in the facilities and the home.

With all of our services, we try to tailor the service to the needs of each individual patient. In this manner, we strive to make your family first at Anderson Family Pharmacy.